Matt Kresling – “Seventeen” (2009)

Beautifully done video. Beautifully done song.

Matt Kresling is offering a free download of the source album. Go to the YouTube version for the link.

Jeff Mangum at Lincoln Theatre

Some works of art can change your life.

Reading Catcher in the Rye in your early teens, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in your early 20s, or High Fidelity once you’re past 30 can forever alter the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Concert of the Year!

“In 1998, Neutral Milk Hotel released an album of hallucinatory folk-rock called In the Aeroplane Over the Sea that is, it can be said without fear of exaggeration, nothing short of a heartbreaking work of staggering genius. Like My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, it is lightning caught in a bottle, one of those rare perfect albums that come along maybe once a decade.

Or once a lifetime.”

–Philadelphia Inquirer, 29 January 2012

“…Jeff Mangum finally made his long-awaited return to a local stage on Friday night, playing his first show in the District since 1998, the year his former band Neutral Milk Hotel released its incomparable magnum opus, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Kicking off a sold-out two-night stand at the Lincoln Theatre, the reclusive singer-songwriter delivered a memorable, mostly solo-acoustic performance, regaling an adoring (though surprisingly reserved) crowd with some of the most beloved songs in the indie-rock canon.”

–Philadelphia Inquirer, 29 January 2012

All of which serves to make the unlikely experience of seeing him live a bit transcendent and appropriately celebratory. After all, though his music has a tendency to touch on heavy material, Mangum’s underlying sensibility is one of mirthful awe at the wonderful chance of existence. As he muses at the end of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, the single song he comfortingly chose as his encore, ‘How strange it is to be anything at all!’  The lingering sound of this affirmation will stick with me longer than any photograph.

–Philadelphia Inquirer, 29 January 2012