Krakow – La Fontaine

And now we get to La Fontaine, and one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

A note here:  I use natural light for my restaurant picture, and never ever ever use a flash, to avoid disturbing my fellow patrons.  I made an exception for La Fontaine, because I had the room to myself, and because the meal was incredible.

La Fontaine

Not an overwhelming first impression, is it?  But incredible thing happen inside.

My Dining Room at La Fontaine

The Amuse Bouche

Raw vegetables and olives w/a rich dipping sauce.

My appetizer was a group of small tapas-like dishes.

Filet et Escalope de Foie Gras de Canard a la Plancha, Pommes Pont Neuf

This was amazing.  Perfectly grilled breast of duck and superb foie gras (I know.  Go away.) w/cranberries and a selection of sauces.  “Pommes Pont Neuf”, not pictured, are simply thick french fries.  Note the “plate”–it’s a slab.

Krakow – Figa z Makiem

Before I left for Poland, I’d read a lot of reviews of most of the restaurants I visited. I was on my way to another restaurant when I read the game-rich menu for Figa z Makiem, and I decided to take a chance on it.

It paid off beautifully. Excellent meal!

Figa z Makiem

Figa z Makiem Interior

The decor gave a subtle hint that Figa z Makiem served hearty meals.

Carrot and Coriander Cream Soup

Goulash of Wild Boar w/Mushrooms, Buckwheat, and Pickled Cucumber

Krakow – Aperitif

Most of the restaurants I visited were within a few blocks of t/k, Krakow’s 800-year-old Market Square. My first full meal was at a rustic little place called Aperitif.

The web site for Aperitif is quite good, and includes some great 360 shots.

The bread came w/a wonderfully light Cucumber Dill dip

Pork Tenderloin w/Fresh Srawberries and Raspberries in Vanilla Sauce

Roasted Trout in Almonds w/Tomato, Sprouts, and Potatoes

Krakow – The Food

One of the great secrets about Eastern Europe is that you can dine brilliantly for v little money.  I enjoyed 2 or 3 of what will probably be my favorite meals of 2012 for not much more than the cost of a blue cheese Ciao Downburger, fries, and a Coke at my favorite Dupont Circle burger joint.

In Krakow, I started most days w/the excellent complimentary breakfast at my hotel.

From the buffet at the Hotel Columbus